UFC 130 predictions

Specials thanks to http://www.easycanvasprints.com/ for the canvas print that I’m going to give to one lucky fan that comments on my UFC 130 video at youtube.com/panicpulse.  Also, if you ever wanted to easily make custom bumper stickers go to http://www.buildasign.com/Bumper-Stickers.  I designed and ordered the 4″x4″ sticker you see in the video in just a few minutes.

2 thoughts on “UFC 130 predictions

  1. Jackson, Mir, Alves
    Um Gorgeous, that picture actually looked good in between all the little birds on your wall, jus sayin.. but better on my wall! can you sign it too please?!
    A question, would you ever consider getting involved with my PPV MMA promoting website called TonightsFights.com? or atleast listening to my business model description and share your opinion? I didn’t know how to contact you outside of this comment box…

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