Hi I’m Joanne! Just a girl who loves MMA.  I co-founded MMA Girls® years ago with friends who loved MMA just as much as me. In 2006, our first YouTube video was posted – from there it grew! From MySpace days, to Facebook, to Twitter & Instagram, you can follow me all over the interweb =)

It started with a little technique video that got a lot of attention.  From there, I started posting predictions of upcoming UFC fights.

Fourteen years and several million technique and prediction video views later – MMA Girls® is still going!  I am always looking to help support this fast growing sport and give back to the athletes that make it what it is. I personally answer 100% of messages and I strive to make a connection with MMA fans around the world.

My goal in the past was to convince non-MMA fans that this is truly a great sport – one that has grown beyond its early roots of being promoted for its brutality. MMA fighters are some of the most skilled and well conditioned athletes in the world, and they deserve recognition from mainstream media. While MMA is now mainstream, I still strive to showcase fighters in the best light, and show the world what talented athletes they are.

Look for MMA Girls® to continue bringing you unique video content from a female perspective of the fight world.

Love ya,

PS – Sometimes it takes me a while to return messages on Facebook and Twitter, but I look forward to talking with you online. Please register and feel free to post comments to the videos, articles, and blogs on this website. If you have a company that would like to sponsor a technique or prediction video, or if you are interested in booking me or one of the fighters for an appearance, please contact me at mmagirlsbrand@gmail.com




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