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528750_326947620693094_2096305729_nMMA Girls fighter Rosanna Garcia answers your questions.

Do female fighters prefer to date male fighters?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that a female fighter would prefer to date a male fighter, but dating does happen at any gym. You’re around the same people so much that you’re bound to catch feelings for someone. It’s just going to depend if you’re going to act on it.

My advice?


The main reason being that there’s a lot of people who leave the gym because of it. Some schools have strict rules against it as well just because it can affect the camaraderie of a school. BUT…since you’re going to do it anyway, here’s the best way to go about it before, during, and after the relationship.

Ask yourself, if **** goes down and it’s a bad breakup, do I see this person potentially ruining my gym life? And am I strong enough to separate my personal life from my gym life?

Only tell people you trust, if at all.
Don’t bring your drama or issues into the gym or at gym functions.
Separate your personal life from your gym life as much as possible.

Good luck lol. In all seriousness though, just make sure you respect the gym. No trash talking, no advice asking, no crying. If you have to take a short break, cool. Just don’t lose your head or you might as well find another gym.

But seriously though, good luck.

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Ask a fighter

rosannafightMMA Girls fighter Rosanna Garcia answers your questions.

What’s the best way to find a trainer/gym? 

Rosanna: I know some people who have taken 2 buses and 2 different metro lines just to get to the gym they want. So when you do find the gym that’s right for you don’t be surprised if you will go to an amazing length to stay there. The people you train with are going to become your second family, and you’re going to want to make sure you feel welcome.

I found the gym I train at through my brother. I’d also heard of it before through friends while I was away at college, I just didn’t understand what they were taking about lol. If you have friends in the MMA world you can definitely ask them for an opinion, and every gym is going to have its own culture so it’s truly going to depend on what you’re looking for. Do you want to train at a competition school? Do you want more of a family friendly environment? And one category doesn’t mean it’s not the other. You can go to a competition school that is super welcoming, but also pushes the pace if you want to be a professional fighter.

When you do check out a recommended school, or a school you just Googled cause you live near it, you will know within 15 minutes if it’s the school for you. Everyone wants something different out of their gym.

Now, if you want to be a Professional MMA fighter or BJJ superstar, then you obviously want to go where the big names and the medals are. To be a World Class fighter you need a World Class teacher. However, what is listed above still applies. You want to be at a place that is the right fit for you.

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Ask Rosanna

MMA Girls fighter Rosanna Garcia answers your questions.
2) I’m a female wanting to start MMA, but I’m scared.  What advice could you give me? 
Rosanna: Wait until you’re not scared and then start, or start going until you’re not scared. Look, training to be a fighter is in and of itself ,”scary”. But you have to face it head on. You have to fake it til you make it, and you have to embrace failure. Because you’re going to fail OVER and OVER again until you succeed. But as a woman you’re going to face several things that a man never will.
1) You’re going to be told not to fight because you’re a woman.
“What if you get hit in the chest?”
“Oh my goodness, but you’re a GIRL! Girls’ don’t do that.”
“What if you get hurt?”
“I don’t want to see my baby girl get hit in the face.”
My advice? You don’t have to try to convince anyone to not tell you these things,  you just have to convince yourself that this things don’t make a difference in you wanting to train in MMA.
The other thing is that you’re going to train with mostly men. They’re almost always going to be stronger and faster. Don’t let this discourage you. Why? Because you’re going to fight women. And if you’re boyfriend or husband gets jealous? Well you can’t find a new husband but you can find a new boyfriend. As for reassuring a guy, it might stem from jealousy so just make sure that you let your guy know it’s always going to be him. Guys like that. lol
In the end, people are always going to try to talk you out of doing a violent sport, and especially when you’re a woman. It’s just that the reasons are going to be a lot more sexist than a man would ever hear. If you can tune out all the voices, EVEN the ones that come from family and friends (which will be the ones that will try to hamper your dreams the most), then you’ll be alright. If you can’t tune out people telling you not to then you most likely won’t have the inner mental voice to be a fighter. It’s almost impossible to go through a fight camp without that inner voice telling you to keep going no matter what.

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Ask Rosanna

MMA Girls fighter Rosanna Garcia answers your questions.

1)  Is it hard to date when you’re a female fighter? Do guys treat you differently? Are they intimated?

Rosanna: It’s not hard to date because you’re a female fighter, anymore than it’s just hard to date in general lol. The dilemma essentially comes from dating because being a fighter is a way of life. And everyone trying to be the best knows about the girlfriend/boyfriend curse. If you’re training and working full-time, then you simply MUST date someone who understands that you’re not going to be able to be there all the time. When you’re training for a fight, you’re sore, grumpy, irritated, tired, and just generally beat up. And then you have your girl or guy asking you if you want to go dancing? To a birthday party? Really? You’re going to bake cookies in front of me while I’m cutting weight? You’re mad because I have to train until 11 at night? And now that I’m finally home from getting beat up…you wanna cuddle? Like right now? REALLY?
Lol but that’s what usually happens to guy fighters though. Usually. While training for one fight I was dating a few people, and the ones who bothered me the most were the ones who didn’t understand that I didn’t want to hang out after fighter training. That, hey, maybe I want to go to sleep, because I have to do it all over again, like tomorrow lol.
And on the intimidation side, I think that guys are intimidated. Not cause I can beat them up or anything, but probably because I act too much like a dude. I’ve tried being slightly more girly, tried to paint my nails and buy women clothes. We’ll see what happens.
On a slightly more serious note, if I could define the perfect guy for me as a female fighter it would entail several things:
1) Don’t get jealous that I train with guys. That equals an immediate dismissal.
2) Please don’t ever tell me I shouldn’t be a fighter because I’m a woman. That equals an immediate dismissal after I laugh in and around your face.
3) Let go of about 83% of the b.s. I put you through while I’m training for a fight.
Not too much to ask for right? 🙂

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