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528750_326947620693094_2096305729_nMMA Girls fighter Rosanna Garcia answers your questions.

Do female fighters prefer to date male fighters?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that a female fighter would prefer to date a male fighter, but dating does happen at any gym. You’re around the same people so much that you’re bound to catch feelings for someone. It’s just going to depend if you’re going to act on it.

My advice?


The main reason being that there’s a lot of people who leave the gym because of it. Some schools have strict rules against it as well just because it can affect the camaraderie of a school. BUT…since you’re going to do it anyway, here’s the best way to go about it before, during, and after the relationship.

Ask yourself, if **** goes down and it’s a bad breakup, do I see this person potentially ruining my gym life? And am I strong enough to separate my personal life from my gym life?

Only tell people you trust, if at all.
Don’t bring your drama or issues into the gym or at gym functions.
Separate your personal life from your gym life as much as possible.

Good luck lol. In all seriousness though, just make sure you respect the gym. No trash talking, no advice asking, no crying. If you have to take a short break, cool. Just don’t lose your head or you might as well find another gym.

But seriously though, good luck.

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