Kid Khaos tells his story about knocking out Wanderlei Silva

People are always asking Charles (Kid Khaos) Bennett about this.  He wants to visit Brazil, but after all these years he feels that there is still too much bad blood. The only people he has a problem with are the guys in the locker room that night. I hope you find this video entertaining, but also the most concise, and detailed delivery of his side of the drama. The footage was given to me after it was shot in Panama City Beach on March 14.  I was not there.  I met Charles a while back at Shine Fights, and when this video was given to me (as controversial as it is) I decided to release it on my page because it should help get him the fight he wants.

New Article with Elaina

Elaina Maxwell

Catching up with Elaina Maxwell

Written by Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu

Elaina Maxwell is accustomed to working hard.  She’s been athletic since childhood, playing soccer and volleyball into her college years and in 1997 began training in Wushu kickboxing.  In 2003 she became the first American to win a gold medal in the World Wushu Championship in China and then she finished her BS in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resource Management.  On top of this, Elaina Maxwell fought in the first female MMA bout on Strikeforce against Gina Carano in 2006, the year she began her professional MMA career and has acquired an 8 fight record (4-4-0) since then, appearing on numerous high-profile MMA productions.

Her introduction into serious martial arts was accidental, rather than a long-sought dream.  She called 411 looking for a cardio kickboxing class, which was the fad fitness craze at the time and she liked using it as cross-training during the off-season for volleyball.  This call connected her to Cung Le (a highly respected San Shou IKF world champion and Strikeforce MMA champion) with whom she’s began training seriously.

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