Michelle Ould

Michelle Ould
Nickname(s) – Fireball
Age – 28
Height – 5’2″
Fighting Weight – 120-130
Home Town – Anaheim, California
Fighting Out Of – Murrieta, CA

Gym – Dan Henderson Team Quest
Sponsors – MMAgirls.net, Clinch Gear, Tussle, Maximum Nutrition, Submit, Ambition

Fight Results:
7-3-0, 1 NC

To push myself to get better and better, to start entering grappling and no-gi competitions, fight fight fight!!! As a single mom I can’t travel as much as I would like until there starts to be more incentive, so patience is the name of the game and training as if anything could
happen the next day.

Other Sports:

Favorite Music:
Variety… anything that gets me hyped, then a lil sumin
to calm me down.

Whatever makes me think, or just makes me laugh…
Dave Chapelle standup, Grandma’s Boy, Alpha Dog,
Snatch, Boonedock Saints, Scarface.

I read to my sons so whatever they’re feelin at tha

Ultimate Fighter, I Love New York, South Park, CSI, Family Guy, Carlos Mencia

Myspace – www.myspace.com/meechellefighterchick