Lacey Shuckman


Lacey Shuckman

Age: 20
Height: 5’3”
Fighting Weight: 115-120lbs.
Home Town: Lakewood, CO
Fighting Out Of: Lakewood, CO
Team:Team Rugburn out of The Pressroom
Sponsors – Tussle Fight Gear, Julian Fury Clothing, and Submission Fight GearFight

MMA: 4-2
Muay Thai: 4-2Goals: I want to be the best in my weight class, open up a bigger gym, and train fututre MMA stars!Movies: Any Cheech and Chong, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Blow, and Weird Science.

TV: I love decorating shows!!!

About me: I started traing 5 years ago and have been fighting since 2006. I began in Muay Thai because of the lack of women in MMA. I was the top contender in my regional area and was named Kickdown Female Fighter of the Year in 2006. Then I moved on to MMA and had a rough start because of my lack of Jiu Jitsu. I trained a year strictly in BJJ and won my next 4 amateur fights. I won the RMBB 120 lbs female amateur MMA Championship in 1:30 of rd. 1 and then defended my belt against a Hammer House student in :26 of round 1!!! I am turning pro now and am getting ready for the GFight pro 8 woman tourney in January!

I train and fight because I love it and as an added benefit I get to train with my husband Randall. He is my coach and training partner and he is not easy on me! He is 125er so it is perfect for me! If anyone knows any 125lbs. MMA men send them our way. They are hard to find! I love the Lord and he gives me all my strength to succeed and I give him all the credit!